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Index Card RPG Master Edition

Index Card RPG Master Edition

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Indie hit Index Card RPG and its much anticipated new ‘Master Edition’ has slowly built a die-hard following of DIY RPG creators and players over the past 5 years. Until now, it has been found in 3 hardcopy books and numerous PDF's published by its creator, Runehammer, via DriveThruRPG.

This newest edition, the MASTER EDITION, combines ICRPG's numerous worlds, streamlined D20 rules and critically acclaimed GM know-how all in one high quality hardback, all revised and updated with its latest playtest data, gathered from players all over the world. For the first time this edition will be available to fans across the world through their friendly local gaming stores.

  • High Quality Sewn Hardcover (15.6x23.4mm) 
  • 400 pages of straight-to-table D20-based tools, monsters, equipment and tidbits to hack into any system or style.
  • Five complete worlds: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Weird West, Ice Age and Superheroes
  • A massive collection of D100 loot tables, monster creation tables, and more
  • A critically acclaimed, nuts and bolts GM section that transcends systems.
  • Includes 4 years of print-cut-fold miniatures in one enormous PDF. All the weird style you expect from Runehammer, is a fast-to-table format. Also check out for a HUGE and FREE collection of VTT tokens and tidbits from over the years

For those new to Index Card RPG or its author Hankerin Ferinale, the game is more than a system, but a way of thinking. The humble index card serves as an avatar for simplified thinking, doing-it-yourself with confidence and transparency, and letting the fun flow without rules overhead. ICRPG works, on every page, in every system, to reinforce this way of thinking. For many, this is crystallized most directly in the book's GM section, which has been critically acclaimed as a must-read for years. The DIY, don't-sweat-it mindset extends to character building to rolling dice, all the way down to where folks sit at the table. Its approach is simple, driven by LOOT and consolidated STATS, but filled with the kind of 'headroom' a homebrew table thrives on.

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