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The Wildsea RPG Core Rules

The Wildsea RPG Core Rules

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An endless treetop sea...

A ship with a hull of painted leviathan bone cuts across the waves, the underslung chainsaw at the prow tearing a furrow through blossoms and branches that regrow before it crosses the horizon. The crew are a motley - a humoresque cactoid at the helm, an ancient woman with a voluminous scarf and a laugh like thunder on watch, and a hive-mind of spiders slipping in and out of a silken skin as it tends to the wheezing engine. 

There were more of them once, but the wilds are a bright and hungry place. 

Foxes leap like dolphins off the port side, snapping at dragonflies and living whispers that dance on the spore-choked breeze. Parasitic flowers open their blooms to the sun, their larger and more ambulatory cousins hidden by the tangle below. A distant port built onto a shattered monastery sounds its bells, calling any who hear it to a festival of teeth. And there's a scent of promise to the air, something that brings to mind blood and honey and hope. With a flurry of words and a spin of the wheel, the ship changes course. 

For a wildsailer, there's always something new to be found on the rustling waves. 


The Wildsea is a fiction-focused tabletop roleplaying game from QuillHound Studios for 2-6 players. You play a wildsailor, an explorer of rustling waves and curious ruins, sailing the endless treetop expanse in your own unique, player-created ship. You might join the crew as one humanity's weathered descendants, as a cactoid bastion of spine and bloom, as a silk-clothed hive-mind of spiders... or as something much, much stranger.

Inspired by stories like Sunless Sea, Bastion, and the Bas-Lag Trilogy and powered by a narrative, fiction-first d6 dice pool system that draws inspiration from games like Blades in the Dark and 13th Age, The Wildsea is an immersive new world sure to grow rampant in the imagination.

What will you discover in its depths?

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