Pinebox, TX Middle School

From the fiendish minds behind East Texas University, Pinebox Middle School is a brand new “kids on bikes” setting for Savage Worlds! The players take the roles of middle school kids who just can’t escape the supernatural horrors that plague the town of Pinebox, Texas! Your parents don’t believe you. Your teachers are too busy to care. Law enforcement officers are in way over their heads. If anyone is going to save the world and get home in time for bedtime, it’s up to a group of clever Texas kids from the heartland! Yippee Ki Yay!

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Remember, it's not paranoia if everyone is out to get you!

Traditional RPGs are great but... they can get repetitive. How many times have you created a hero to fight bad guys or prevent destruction? Aren’t you hungry for something different, maybe a game that’s a little dark but really funny? Wouldn’t it be fun to play the peoplecausingdestruction for a change?

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Deadlands (Savage Worlds)

The year’s 1884. Folks from all over the world journey to the American frontier in search of opportunity, freedom, and wide-open spaces. But danger awaits. Some say there are more than just wild creatures on those lonely trails. Some say there are monsters, creatures born of the darkest fears given life by some insidious and overwhelming evil. Out here night seems a little darker, the distance between towns a little farther, and something changes the very landscape itself.

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Congratulations [REDACTED]. You have been selected to participate in Deathmatch Island. Winning will mean fame, freedom, and unlimited wealth. You may be experiencing some
confusion and memory loss. This is normal following [REDACTED]. It is important that you do not panic.

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