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  • The Ring of Visibility

    In the realm of enchanted artifacts and mystical treasures, few can match the allure of The Ring of Visibility. This extraordinary magical item pos...
  • Xanathar Hideout Map

    I am running a party through the Dragon Heist adventure on Roll 20. That being said, I'm a little meh on the maps provided for the hideouts and war...
  • Trope Variations: The Heist (part 1)

    3-part variations on the Heist trope for your next game! Spice up your next robbery!
  • The Mastercutter's Dagger of [_______________]

    These specialized daggers are extraordinarily excellent... for one thing only. Whether it be stone, or wood, or armor, they have a magical ability ...
  • Amulet of Distraction

    A little bauble to catch your eye. But if it catches your target's eye, it becomes something very distracting.
  • Casted-Iron Skillet of Cooking

    A pan for any adventuring party!
  • Shard of the God-forged Mirror (healing)

    Sometimes what looks like injury is just a smudge on the reflection.
  • 5E, #OPENDND, and supporting 3rd party content creators

    5E D&D isn't dead, but it is changing. If you enjoy the game, you don't have to change. If you don't want to support Wizards of the Coast, you don't have to. But there are plenty of other hard working people who you can support while still enjoying 5E.
  • Shard of the God-forged Mirror (simulacrum)

    Take a peak in the mirror - who's that standing behind you?
  • Shard of the God-forged Mirror (reflection)

    A shard of a mirror forged by a god. It still holds some of its once great power.
  • The Mask of Many Faces

    A face for any occasion!*
    *Some rules apply. See store for details. Not responsible for any injury caused by the wrong face. Talk to your doctor.
  • Bull-worked Shield

    A hefty shield that packs a powerful punch!