The Ring of Visibility

The Ring of Visibility

In the realm of enchanted artifacts and mystical treasures, few can match the allure of The Ring of Visibility. This extraordinary magical item possesses the ability to make one the center of attention in any room!

Legend has it that The Ring of Visibility was forged centuries ago by a renowned, yet incredibly narcissistic, sorcerer who already thought himself the center of the universe, but thought the people around him needed a little help in seeing it themselves. It is said that the sorcerer harnessed the essences of ancient celestial beings, imbuing the ring with their ethereal beauty. 

Once activated the ring bestows the following abilities on its wearer for three rounds:

  • Advantage on persuasion checks, so long as the wearer is being genuine and not trying to mislead or beguile
  • Advantage on all charm effects and spells
  • Disadvantage on all stealth, deception, or slight of hand abilities  

On activation the ring also produces the following effects on those in the immediate area (so long as they can visually see the wearer):

  • Advantage on all insight (wisdom) checks to determine if the wearer is lying (as they are so focused on every nuance)
  • Advantage on all perception checks specific to the wearer and their actions
  • Disadvantage on all perception checks to notice any other person or action in the area

Once used, the ring must be recharged. The wearer must spend 8 hours staring into a mirror, admiring their own beauty, to reenergize the ring.

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