Casted-Iron Skillet of Cooking

Casted-Iron Skillet of Cooking

Every good cook needs a good cast iron pan! This pan provides exceptional enhancements for cooking the perfect meal on the go! 

This pan was created with subtle magics allowing the user to cook food even without a fire or other heating source. The temperature is always perfectly set for the food in question, though it cannot cook foods faster than a normal pan would under ideal conditions. 

Cooking with the pan includes the following bonuses:

  • Food is always cooked to safe cooking temperature depending on the ingredients (i.e. prevents issues with things like salmonella, E. coli, etc)
  • Destroys any non-magical, mild to moderate poisons, in the ingredients
  • Indicates poisons/diseases of a magical nature by rust rapidly forming on the inside of the cooking surface (does not render food safe to eat) and stops heating. Pan must be scoured and re-seasoned before use afterwards.
  • Provides a small bonus to any associated cooking skills when used.


  • Perhaps this pan is a family heirloom, or found/traded/bought from someone who has used it extensively in the past. All food cooked in the pan always has a slight hint of [insert spice/flavoring] to it.
  • Perhaps the pan has some personality subtly woven into the enchantments which result in certain biases when it comes to food: perhaps veggies are cooked to perfection but meat is always a little more than well done, or cooking any meat past medium rare results in the pan not working for the next 24 hours as punishment for overcooking perfectly good steak!  

While magic in nature, it is still fundamentally made of iron. Any contact with mild acid requires immediate cleaning to prevent damage - waiting longer than a couple minutes to clean it results in a 1-in-4 chance of destroying enchantments. Strong acids immediately destroy the enchantments on the pan. 

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