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Fateforge - Creatures Appendix

Fateforge - Creatures Appendix

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In this 40-page appendix, you will find many classification tables, allowing you to easily find creatures suited to your campaign along with a reminder of all novelties introduced in Creatures.

Creatures by Civilization - Certain creatures are endemic to a location, owing to geographical, cultural, or supernatural factors. Creatures are sorted by civilization (Free City, Drakenbergen, Kaan, and Septentrion), then by chapter, by CR, and by alphabetical order.

Creatures by Type - A creature's type (humanoid, plant, undead, etc.) represents its basic nature. 

Creatures by CR - A creature's CR (Challenge Rating) is ta measure of its dangerousness. A creature of a given CR will represent a suitable challenge for an adventuring party of equal level. 

Archetypes - Archetypes apply ability score changes, new traits, and other modifications representative of a particular nature. An archetype can be the mark of an extraordinary species (azer, frost giant, salamander, etc.), a mutation (ashen, haunted, etc.), a curse (werewolf, vampire spawn, etc.), or many more possible peculiarities. 

Optional Rules, New Spells and Magic Items - This section lists additional rules exclusive to Fateforge and where to find them. 

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