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Word Explosion

Word Explosion

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Word Explosion is a highly explosive word game for 2 - 8 players that's fast-paced and easy to learn. Word Explosion isn't just a word game; it's a strategy-based card game that will test your wits, vocabulary, knowledge of the alphabet forward and back, and your ability to sabotage your opponents to do whatever it takes to win.  

Players will take turns matching letters, continuing the alphabet, spelling words, or playing action cards until they are the first to get rid of all their cards. Whatever method you prefer, be the first player to get rid of all your cards and be crowned the Word Explosion Master.

Contents Include:

  • 120 Playing Cards
  • 2 Forward/Reverse Cards
  • 4 Alphabet Reminder Cards
  • 1 Instruction Manual
A fast-paced word game of bombastic fun! First player to empty their hand of cards wins! 
  • HOW DOES IT WORK - Be the first player to get rid of your hand of cards. Do this by matching letters, continuing the alphabet, spelling words, or using action cards.
  • A WORD GAME FOR EVERYONE – Word Explosion, is great for players of all ages and vocabulary skills. It’s a clever Word Game that takes aspects from two of our favorite games UNO and SCRABBLE to create an experience that surpasses them both.
  • MAKE LEARNING FUN – Word Explosion isn’t just fun, it’s educational and the perfect game to use for learning. Have students practice matching letters, continuing the alphabet, and spelling words. This game can be played with children as young as 5, with help from an adult.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS - Whether it's family game night, business meeting outing, dinner party, church event, party with friends, games for the classroom, camping trip, vacation, etc. Word Explosion is suitable for all ages, adults, teens, and kids!
  • INCLUDES – A compact, Travel Friendly Word-Based Card Game – Includes 120 playing cards, 2 jumbo-sized Forward/Reverse Cards, 4 jumbo-sized Alphabet Reminder Cards, and 1 Rulebook all perfectly fit inside a small magnetic box.
  • EASY TO LEARN AND PLAY – This game takes 2-5 minutes to learn, 30-60 minutes to play, and is suitable for 2-8 players ages 10+. The more people you have, the harder it gets.
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