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Monte Cook Games

Old Gods of Appalachia

Old Gods of Appalachia

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In the mountains of Central Appalachia, blood runs as deep as these hollers and just as dark. Since before our kind wandered into these hills, hearts of unknowable hunger and madness have slumbered beneath them. These are the oldest mountains in the world. How dare we think we can break the skin of a god and dig out its hart without also calling blood and darkness? 

Ravenous creatures of the Inner Dark, sinister plots of the Hollow Men, unearthed beasts that have long dreamt in the dark, and angry forces of the Green. Strive to protect what matters, from these terrors and more, while you seek to know the unknowable and spin a collective tale of hardship, horror, hope, and heart, where every choice requires a sacrifice and your word is (or should be) your bond. 

The Old Gods of Appalachia Roleplaying Game includes: 

  • Complete rules for a fluid, story-based tabletop roleplaying experience in the eerie world of the his Old Gods of Appalachia horror podcast. 
  • An intuitive, concept-driven character generation system that gives you limitless options. 
  • A detailed dive into an alternate Appalachia of the 1920s and '30s, rich with atmosphere and lore. 
  • Dozens of dark, dangerous, and powerul creatures and characters to encounter and interact with. 
  • Two complete adventures to launch your campaign. 

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