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It's a Wonderful Kingdom

It's a Wonderful Kingdom

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It's a Wonderful Kingdom is a standalone solo or 2-player game in a Low-Fantasy universe. Inspired by the core mechanics of its predecessor "It's a Wonderful World", this new game offers more interaction, a bluff mechanism and new challenges.

The game is played using modules, each different and offering mechanical twists. Each game, players will choose one of the different modules to compete against each other. The game is divided into 4 rounds, each having 3 phases.

You are vying for the throne of the kingdom, intent on restoring the rightful heir. Use one of the three included modules to experience different play modes. Master the "Split & Trap" system to trick our opponent into choosing the wrong cards. Be the best at developing your duchy, and become the ruler of this Wonderful Kingdom!


  • 1 Production Board
  • 90 Resource Cubes (20 Materials, 20 Population, 20 Gold, 20 Exploration, 10 Krystallium)
  • 30 Solidier Tokens
  • 4 Trap Tokens
  • 2 Spy Tokens
  • 4 Stolen Tokens
  • 8 Quest Tokens
  • 1 Round Tracker Token
  • 130 Cards (2 Duchy Cards, 70 Development Cards, 10 Treasure Cards, 8 Calamity Cards, 26 Menace Cards, 14 Advisor Cards)
  • 1 Score Board
  • 1 Dry Erase Marker
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