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Iron Kingdoms (5E) - Tales from the Blackwater Cantina

Iron Kingdoms (5E) - Tales from the Blackwater Cantina

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Muster a crew and set sail for adventure in the Nightmare Empire! Prepare to lead a band of daring sea dogs through four different adventures, each set in an iconic location of the Dragonfather's domain.

In Tales from the Blackwater Cantina, you'll go from outrunning the gangs of the pirate haven of Blackwater to finding yourself caught up in the web of the Lich Lords by the time you've completed all four adventures in this volume, which offers scenarios for every tier of play! 

Venture into Cryx for the first time in the collection of adventures for the 5th Edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game. 

  • In "Dead Men Tell No Tales,." your characters must uncover a literal ghost from the past in their search of vast riches. 
  • "Chasing Shadows" is an adventure in mad science where your characters assist in the development of a weapon against the internals. 
  • In "Shipwretch'd", you'll find yourself marooned on an island plagued by its Orgoth past. 
  • Finally, in "Pretensions of a Lich", you must confront a conspiracy in the heart of the Dragonfather's domain. 

Players will experience the shifting tides of the Nightmare Empire of Cryx and the Scharde Islands firsthand as they try to survive encounters with nightmares living, dead, and undead!


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