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Iron Kingdoms (5E) - Scoundrel's Guide to the Scharde Islands

Iron Kingdoms (5E) - Scoundrel's Guide to the Scharde Islands

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Across the water from the Iron Kingdoms lie the lands of Cryx and the Scharde Islands. Now Game Masters can expand their players' adventures into the realms of pirates and the undead with the Scoundrel's Guide to the Scharde Islands, the essential companion to Nightmare Empire, the latest expansion to Iron Kingdoms: Requiem for 5e. Learn about the legendary pirates and villains who carve out a living in these forbidden waters and discover the hardships of the Nightmare Empire as well as the ways a canny crew can twist them to their advantage...

The Scoundrel's Guie to the Scharde Islands gives a Game Master secrets of the Nightmare EMpire and the Scharde Islands to expand their games: 

  • An in-depth exploration of the creation and control of the undead known as thralls
  • A Game Masters guide to building adventurers among the deadly islands
  • New and shocking magical items for pirates and privateers alike
  • New monsters that even the undead of the islands fear
  • And more!

The perfect companion to Iron Kingdoms: Nightmare Empire, the Scoundrel's Guide to the Scharde Islands is a must-have for any Game Master

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