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Iron Kingdoms (5E) - Nightmare Empire

Iron Kingdoms (5E) - Nightmare Empire

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Travel beyond the Iron Kingdoms and into the heart of darkness with the expansion to Iron Kingdoms: Requiem, Nightmare Empire. Containing everything you need to explore the undead lands of Cryx, the pirate-infested Scharde Islands, and nightmarish people and creatures that reside there, this volume contains a treasure chest of information about what lies across the waters western Immoren. In Nightmare Empire, you'll discover never-before revealed secrets of Dragonfather's domain, explore the cities ruled by undead and meet those who work for them, and you'll find a multitude of new character options ideal for nefarious types who hide in these shadows. 

Irong Kingdoms: Nightmare Empire contains:

  • A deek dive into the lands of the Nightmare Empire and the vest expanse of the Scharde Islands
  • New character options including additional races, classes and subclasses, backgrounds, adventuring companies, and more that separate the evils of Cryx from the rest of the Iron Kingdoms
  • Compatible with the contents of Iron Kingdoms: Requiem and all other 5e products

Players will enoy the possibilities for new characters presented in Nightmare Empire while Game Masters will have a new set of locations, story hooks, and more to adventure on the islands and in the waters of the Nightmare Empire for as long as its residents allow! 

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