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Iron Kingdoms (5E) - Corvis City Streets Gridded Battle Tiles

Iron Kingdoms (5E) - Corvis City Streets Gridded Battle Tiles

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Corvis, where the dead are said to outnumber the living. Make your way through the streets and alleys of the city and the dark, foreboding world beneath it by charting your path with these exclusive tiles. WARNING: Corvis, City Street tiles do not guarantee you will survive long enough to find your way out of the City of Ghosts.

Players can hit the streets of Corvis, the City of Ghosts, with these battle tiles for Iron Kingdoms: Requiem. Quickly assemble urban encounters with the magnificently rendered double-sided tiles that allow players to take the fighting from the streets to the rooftops and even inside buildings in the city!

Contains 24 6" x 6"gridded battle tiles to map the buildings, inside and out, and streets of Corvis in the Iron Kingdoms 5e RPG setting! 

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