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Fateforge Corebook 4 - Encyclopedia (Retail Edition)

Fateforge Corebook 4 - Encyclopedia (Retail Edition)

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From the urban depths of the Free City to the frozen steppes of the Septentrion.

The Encyclopedia features four civilizations of the world of Eana, presenting their mysteries, history, and magical wonders: 

Free City - The largest city in the world and a thriving melting pot, the Free City is the perfect place for urban adventures. Notables, merchants, scholars and criminals coexist and strive to fulfill their ambitions. 

Drakenbergen - The heart of Cyfandir, the Drakenbergen are a great mountainous land, well known by the dwarves who control the local trade routes, both on the surface and in the Netherworld. It is a country perfectly suited to the exploration of lost ruins and valleys. 

Septentrion - A wild northern territory, the Septentrion is a touch region, full of secrets dating back to the ancient Boreal civilization. Unfortunately, the marauding frost giants and Askinos the Pain Drinker, a scheming diabolical hospodar, have the potential to turn these lands into hell! 

Kaan - Vast and contrasted, made of high mountains and endless steppes, stifling here, frozen there, Kaan is a constant call to courage and initiative. Merosi, orcs, goblins, bugbears, hobgoblins, ulkani, and humans have formed cosmopolitan societies, while great magical powers have grown in the shadows. 


This system is compatible with the 5th edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game!

Fateforge core books (Adventures, Grimoire, Creatures, Encyclopedia) come in three different editions - Fateforge (with logo on cover), Retail (no Fateforge logo), and the limited edition Red Dragon cover. Each sold separately!

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