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Fateforge Corebook 1 - Adventurers (Fateforge Edition)

Fateforge Corebook 1 - Adventurers (Fateforge Edition)

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Discover the universe of Eana and its many unique civilizations, battle the loathsome forces of Canker, find the lost portals of the Travelers, and ascend the stairs of the Fateforge! 

Adventurers is the core rulebook of the Fateforge series. It is intended for the use of both players and leaders, and is composed of three parts: 

Character Creation - In conjunction with your game leader, determine the conditions in which your character may Awaken to magic, and choose from a plethora of options: nine playable species, eighteen civilizations, a step-by-step guide to creating your very own background, thirteen classes - including the scholar, a resourceful savant capable of contributing in every situation, even in regions devoid of magic - and many more archetypes, as well as a list of original feats to enhance the evolution of your hero. 

Daily Life - Discover the mythic Free City and a body of dedicated rules to spice up the daily lives and journeys of adventurers. Mystery, exploration, and discovery form the core of the gaming experience. Answer the call of adventure and travel to faraway lands, whether by foot, by boat, or by nefelytron!

Games Rules - The game mechanics are organized into four categories: abilities, adventuring, combat, and health. Many optional rules are included, following a modular system that lets each leader define their own gaming style. 

This system is compatible with the 5th edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game!

Fateforge core books (Adventures, Grimoire, Creatures, Encyclopedia) come in three different editions - Fateforge (with logo on cover), Retail (no Fateforge logo), and the limited edition Red Dragon cover. Each sold separately!

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