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Everyday Heroes - Highlander

Everyday Heroes - Highlander

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Jump into the world of the Highlander to live your immortal life throughout the ages. The immortal Fantome wants to bring about the end of days and begin the quickening early. Your party starts as newly awakened immortals in 1492 and must battle through time to stop Fantome before he can enact his final plan of destruction.

This is a 128-page Cinematic Adventure set in the world of Highlander.

  • Introducing: Nature, a new layer for creating heroes
  • New Class: The Immortal Swordsman
  • New Background: Ancient
  • All the rules you need to be an Immortal
  • An epic adventure spanning 500 years of history

Highlander is a Cinematic Adventure for use with the Everyday Heroes™ roleplaying game. You need the Everyday Heroes Core Rulebook to understand and play the contents of this book.

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