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Deus Ex Machina

Affinity 3-Book Complete Trilogy Box Set

Affinity 3-Book Complete Trilogy Box Set

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Affinity represents a bold, innovative approach ­­­to tabletop role-playing—a trilogy of worlds presenting unique ideas and rules but sharing similar themes, names, and even a common menace.

Select one setting or shift between all three. While they complement one another, they are not dependent, with each game standing on its own.

Each volume of Affinity contains unique and exciting mechanics compatible with 5th Edition rules, including new races, classes, backgrounds, weapons, armor, vehicles, spells, and monsters.

This box set includes all three books - over 600 pages! Compatible with the 5th edition of the world's most popular role playing game.


Humans and aliens find themselves trapped upon a gargantuan alien ark. Abandoned and adrift, the residents are forced to explore the catacombs of the strange vessel, scavenging and crafting technology. Employing powered armor and emerging individuals possessing psionic abilities, factions battle for control over resources, technology, and the secrets of their new home.

  • Assume alien races and six new backgrounds
  • Tap the chaotic energies of the mind to become a psionic metron.
  • Master elemental powers with the geospoiler, hydromancer, tempest, and thermal classes
  • Create over 10,000 different firearms with dozens of variables at your control
  • Construct anything you can imagine through new crafting rules
  • Modify over forty different mecha with more than 150 upgrades
  • Uncover new loot with revised treasure tables
  • Fight over forty-five new monsters


This semi-traditional fantasy is set within a full-scale geocentric model solar system. The god-like Aegis rule the other worlds from their perch within Abraxas, manipulating conflicts between kingdoms while forbidding both magic and machines. Heroes explore truly alien landscapes while harnessing the ability to alter reality through an ancient magical language.

  • Dive into a deep and intricate geopolitical fantasy setting.
  • Assume six different races and seven new backgrounds
  • Take control of reality with the new talisman-based abecedarian class
  • Enchant your character with dozens of magical brands
  • Become a monster with “avatar” powered armor
  • Acquire over eighty magic items, including artifacts
  • Wield over a dozen new advanced weapons
  • Brew over seventy potions with alchemy
  • Fashion and control artificial beings with new golem rules
  • Fight over thirty new monsters


This slam of art-deco, steampunk, and post-apocalypse involves heroes traveling a weird-west fantasy world searching for treasures from a forgotten past. Machines rise from the ruins of a dead empire while unique individuals manifest the magical powers of “smoke.” For everyone else, they survive upon the millions of miles of railroads while exacting justice from a barrel of an enchanted gun.

  • Assume four races and eight new backgrounds
  • Harness chaos magic with the oxomancer class
  • Cast spells via a new spellcasting system involving real cards
  • Wield over one hundred new firearms from caplock pistols and percussion rifles to 1-gauge punt guns
  • Don traditional armor or powerful steam-powered exo-suits
  • Employ over one hundred magical inscriptions to enchant your weapons, armor, or even cybernetics
  • Command unique vehicles, including trains (which you can also enchant)
  • Fight over fifty new monsters
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