Collection: Dice Goblin UK

From the Manufacturer: 

"We are Eddie & Michael and we founded Dice Goblin because we are nerds. Nerds who love classic fantasy, collecting dice and pretending to be goblins on a Saturday night.

In 2020 we started our journey as humble goblin dice merchants, sourcing the best dice we could find from a range of manufacturers. This venture expanded our goblin brains with tabletop industry knowledge and in 2022 our Kickstarter backers helped us embark on the next phase of our adventure, fulfilling our destiny as a goblin dice brand.

All our products are an amalgamation of our design expertise and our knowledge of nerd-culture. We use these proficiencies to make well-considered gaming accessories for tabletops that celebrate the silliness that roleplay games enable.

Thank you for considering our goblin dice shop. May your dice rolls be blessed.

Eddie & Michael"