The Mask of Many Faces

The Mask of Many Faces

This creepy looking mask appears to be made of several different pieces of ... leather, and a small strap of thin leather cordage is fastened to either side, allowing the user to slip it on over their head and secure it. 

Once per day a character may use the mask. With a minor effort of will, the mask will take the appearance of one person's face the character has seen that day, but the choice is completely random. So long as the mask stays in place, the character can pass any check based solely on appearance. The mask does nothing to alter the character's voice, height, size, smell, mannerisms, or affect any other aspect of their appearance. If the chosen face has any impairments to sight, such as a missing or damaged eye, the character will also not be able to see out of the affected eye(s).

Once the mask is removed it will revert to its normal appearance. 

"Trust me, you may not want to know how it was made, but know that it was made to work. You need to blend into a crowd, this is how you'll do it. One piece of advice, get used to not looking into mirrors or reflections, especially early in the morning - doesn't do no good to have your own face be the one chosen!"

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay
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