Shard of the God-forged Mirror (simulacrum)

Shard of the God-forged Mirror (simulacrum)

This small piece of mirror also has a small piece of the frame still attached, which makes a nice hand-hold. The reflective surface holds no fingerprints or other smudges, and even dust will not settle onto it. It was once part of a large mirror, forged by the gods themselves, but subsequently shattered during their last great war (or perhaps just during an altercation between a few of them). There are more shards scattered about the planes of reality, but no one knows for sure how many. It is rumored that each shard contains only a portion of the power that the great mirror once held - each shard granting different abilities.

Once per duration* the wielder can spend 1 hour staring into the mirror. If they do so without interruption, a mirror image of themselves will appear behind them. This clone of the character is a complete mirror image - everything is the same, but reversed. Any equipment that was visible is also copied but any copies of magical items will be non-magical. From then on, the mirror image can move, act, and speak during the characters' turn. It can share communication with the character via telepathy. The mirror image has 1 hit point, which includes all equipment it carries. If the mirror image, or any equipment it carries is reduced to 0 hp or less, it shatters. 

As an added bonus, the mirror shard cannot be the target of any spells. 


Image by 412designs from Pixabay
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