Shard of the God-forged Mirror (healing)

Shard of the God-forged Mirror (healing)

This small mirror shard stands apart from the other shards. Smudges and stains can stick to the surface of it unlike the others. However this appears to be part of the magic imbued within. If someone is hurt, and they place a drop of their blood on the mirror it spreads out and creates a transparent stain along the surface. The stain takes the shapes of bruises and cuts suffered by the person holding it. 

Once per duration* the character can place a drop of blood on the shard. Once the blood has stopped spreading the character can clean the mirror's surface. Upon doing so they will find that their reflection has lost some of the visible injuries. This effect heals a moderate amount of HP. 

As an added bonus, the mirror shard cannot be the target of any spells. 

Image by Marcela Bolívar from Pixabay
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