Fitzgig's Anti-music Box

Fitzgig's Anti-music Box

"How can I be expected to discover the secret workings of the infinite universe with all that racket going on?!"

-Adelbridge Edenforge Fitzgig.

A small and rather unimpressive looking music box complete with lid and winding mechanism on the underside. When opened and the mechanism wound, the box doesn't emit any sound. In fact, all music within earshot of the box is muted. This includes both musical instruments and vocal sounds. This also effects bells, whistles, chimes, gongs, and tuning forks. Normal speech (including whispers and yelling) are unaffected. Spells or effects which require singing or the playing of instruments fail within earshot of the device and produce no effect. The mechanism lasts for one minute and can only be used once per day. 


(Image by David Schwarzenberg from Pixabay)

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