Environmental Hazard - The Mists of Eldenvell

Environmental Hazard - The Mists of Eldenvell

The Mists of Eldenvell

It was my third experiment with the mists when I finally ventured into them. Though knowing I was securely fastened to a rope leading to a stable anchor in the form of a thick oak, I was fearful to enter those silent mists. My apprentice, the young Elrik, was to remain well outside the edge of the mists and to await my return. Having not returned within one day, he was to pull me out by the rope. 

That full day spent within the mists is an amnesic nightmare, even now only half remembered. Of the memories I do retain I present in this journal. In preface - there is no direction in the mists. There is now way out. There is no safety. But in the briefest glimpses, there were... others. I remember that I could hear them, more than see them. Other souls, lost to the mists and left wandering. My memories of them are befuddled at best, but I believe as time progressed they were getting closer to me, reaching out from within the opaque ephemera of those damned mists. I remember that I had wanted to help them, but now, having had time to clear my head, I know, as well as I know anything, that had they been able to touch me, that I would never have been able to return.  

-Magus Heripha Manitus Klaffesson

The Mists of Eldenvell lie in a remote valley far to the north. It is said that those who wander into the mists, by action or accident, are seldom seen again. Legends from the region tell of a once great tower or fortress deep in valley that housed a once magnificent library, full of knowledge and lore. No one is sure what happened to bring the mists, but they shrouded the valley over years, swallowing it whole.  While few have gone in and managed to return, none have ever spoken of finding the structure at its center. 

Other rumors tell of one adventurer was able to enter and leave the mists a number of times, though eventually even she disappeared into the mists one day and never returned. Before her disappearance she had mentioned to a local tavern keeper that she had discovered a type of candle that could keep the effects of the mists at bay. 

The Mists affect creatures much like the confusion spell with minor changes. On a roll of 1-4 the creature moves in any random direction except towards the edge of the mists. On a roll of 5-7, the creature takes no action and no makes no movement. On a roll of 8-10 the creature can act naturally. 

The DC for the wisdom check starts at 10 and increases by 1 for each round spent inside the mists. Once a creature makes a successful wisdom check they don't have to make another one for 2 turns. 



Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

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